Classes begin each morning, M-Th, with a choice of just being part of the PreK program and leaving at noon, or staying until 2.  Students that are part of “Stay and Play” have lunch together and then play from 12-2.


As they prepare for Kindergarten:

•Children learn pre-reading skills and letter recognition by sight and sound.

•Science units teach them about wind, magnets, water, and nature.

•Number recognition, math and reasoning begin to play a big part in the days activities

•Writing centers are added to the classroom curriculum.

•Teachers work with the children on proper penmanship and cutting.

•They learn greater responsibility with classroom job assignments and taking care of personal belongings.

•Chapel is held weekly, and character traits such as honesty, obedience, perseverance, and friendship are taught with Biblical truths and stories.

•Four year old’s participate in off-campus field trips.

•Spanish classes are taught weekly and conversational Spanish is a part of each day.

•Outdoor play and our outdoor classroom are our favorite part of learning!

•Play is the foundation of all our learning. 

Tuition for Preschool only: (9:00-12:00) $290.00 per month

Preschool with Stay and Play: (9:00-2:00) $385.00

Children leave our Pre-Kindergarten classes confident and prepared for Kindergarten.