Bridge PreK4

Classes meet Monday – Thursday from 9-2.  This class is designed for children that have just missed the Kindergarten cut off or are ready to be challenged.

As they prepare for Kindergarten:

•Children learn pre-reading skills and letter recognition by sight and sound.

•Child centered learning environments that encourage child initiated discovery.

•Number sense is taught.  Not just the numeral 6, but that 6 is less than 8 and more than 4.

•Writing centers are a part of every day learning.

•A greater level of responsibility and independence is encouraged and expected with classroom job assignments and taking care of personal belongings.

•Chapel is held weekly, with Biblical truths and stories.

•Bridge PreK 4 participates in off-campus field trips.

•Spanish classes are taught weekly and conversational Spanish is a part  of each day.

•Sight words are introduced and most students graduate knowing at least 20 sight words.

•Outdoor play and our outdoor classroom are our favorite part of learning!

•Play is the foundation of all our learning. 

Children leave our Bridge PreK 4 classes confident and prepared for Kindergarten.  Most know the alphabet, phonics and are reading or on the cusp of reading when they graduate.

Tuition for Bridge PreK4 is $400.00 per month.