Babies and Toddlers

Love and care offered Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Our toddler program provides a nurturing, safe and secure atmosphere, while promoting small group interaction between children learning to play and share with others.  Basic learning such as colors, animal sounds, textures, and symbols are introduced. Fine motor development includes finger painting, sorting, and pegboards.  Bubbles, balls, tunnels and tumbling are part of the large motor development. ​

Toddlers love exploring, learning, and developing new relationships. The children learn through:​

  • exercise, ​
  • music, ​
  • outdoor play, ​
  • outdoor walks and stroller rides​
  • simple toys, ​
  • Interaction with their teacher and friends​
  • teacher directed activities​
  • Free, unstructured play is the best part of each day!​

We have 3 classes and group each child in the class that best fits their needs.  Student teacher ratios are low, keeping individual interaction with the teacher high.  ​